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by troysage February 6, 2012 Riverside County Foreclosures

Temecula Homes for sale, and industry news is spreading the word about  our local market and real estate happenings.  Wells Fargo is taking a giant step in helping local Temecula area homeowners avoid foreclosure.  With several Federal programs in place, Wells Fargo has stepped up their game and has decided to not only help homeowners, …

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HARP_HAFA Short Sale – Who Qualifies

by troysage November 26, 2011 Sellers

Are you a homeowner that is struggling to make your mortgage payments? Feel like there is nowhere to turn when it comes to your mortgage? Willing to just walk away and give up? Well, we may have a couple of alternatives to foreclosure for you.

The updated HARP 2.0 program is taking full effect, and it’s …

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Troy Sage Temecula Real Estate – Foreclosure Freeze and Short Sales

by October 11, 2010 Foreclosures

Hot off the presses, major banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and GMAC have Halted foreclosures.  This announcement came last week as an attempt for banks to revisit their foreclosure process, and allow the banks time to make sure they are evaluating delinquent loans properly.  So, what does that mean for homeowners?

This is …

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Troy Sage – Buyers using Loan Brokers to Purchase Short Sales. What a mess.

by September 10, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Ok my friends, there is yet another trend in purchasing Short Sale and it’s not a good trend.

I have had several buyers in the past 30 days purchase Short Sales and use a loan broker referred to them by a friend or they simply found them online. Using a loan broker is not a bad …

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BofA, HAFA, and HOA Short Sale News

by March 25, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

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How To Avoid Foreclosure

by February 18, 2008 Foreclosure Alternatives

How do you avoid Foreclosure? Well it’s pretty simple, yet humbling at the same time. The first step is to contact your bank or banks that hold the loan on your home. With today’s market and an increase in foreclosures, the banks are willing to help those that are in need of help instead of …

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Temecula Foreclosures Who’s To Blame?

by December 14, 2007 Foreclosures

Foreclosures, foreclosures, and more foreclosures what’s going on? This is the question that a client of mine asked while showing homes yesterday. My client, who by the way is moving to Temecula from the East Coast, mentioned that he saw a video on youtube.com that showed “A devastated market filled with foreclosures and dilapidated homes”. …

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