Short Sales and REO’s

Short Sales and Loan Modification information for Homeowners

by troysage May 14, 2014 Short Sales and REO's

Short Sales and Loan Modification information for Homeowners.

The Smart Real Estate Show pulls the curtain back and lets homeowners know the truth about available programs in place to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Now is the best time for a homeowner in distress to dump their debt and get a fresh start. Banks have programs in place …

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Foreclosure Rate Increases – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

by troysage March 29, 2013 Short Sale

Foreclosure Rate Increases – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

Foreclosure rate is increasing so what does that mean for you.  It means, if you are in default the banks are moving forward with foreclosure if you do not do one of the following:

1. Apply for a Loan Modification

2. Apply for a Short Sale

Just months after …

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Temecula Short Sale Specialists Troy Sage and the California Homeowner Bill of Rights

by troysage August 11, 2012 Sellers

California Homeowner Bill of Rights Becomes Law

There are new laws put in place to protect homeowners that are in distress from having their lender foreclose unlawfully.  The report below is a list of new laws, and a quick explanation to help you avoid foreclosure.  All information is provided by Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group …

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About Short Sales

by troysage July 20, 2012 Sellers

What is a short sale?
A short sale happens when a lender is willing to accept a lower pay off on a loan than what is currently owed. In a short sale, the borrower will owe more on the property than the home is worth at its current state, however, a short sale happens only when …

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Temecula Homes for Sale, Real Estate News from Troy Sage

by troysage February 6, 2012 Riverside County Foreclosures

Temecula Homes for sale, and industry news is spreading the word about  our local market and real estate happenings.  Wells Fargo is taking a giant step in helping local Temecula area homeowners avoid foreclosure.  With several Federal programs in place, Wells Fargo has stepped up their game and has decided to not only help homeowners, …

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Short Sales to Stabilize Neighborhoods – #Troy Sage and Real Estate News

by troysage December 6, 2011 Sellers

There may be good news for Distressed Homeowners, in the way of bulk sales.

Foreclosures are expected to increase before our market stabilizes. Experts say that banks and investors must streamline the process, and open their portfolios to investors and non-profit organizations with the consideration of bulk sales, or at least a quicker process in approving …

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Troy Sage Temecula Real Estate – Foreclosure Freeze and Short Sales

by October 11, 2010 Foreclosures

Hot off the presses, major banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and GMAC have Halted foreclosures.  This announcement came last week as an attempt for banks to revisit their foreclosure process, and allow the banks time to make sure they are evaluating delinquent loans properly.  So, what does that mean for homeowners?

This is …

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Troy Sage – Buyers using Loan Brokers to Purchase Short Sales. What a mess.

by September 10, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Ok my friends, there is yet another trend in purchasing Short Sale and it’s not a good trend.

I have had several buyers in the past 30 days purchase Short Sales and use a loan broker referred to them by a friend or they simply found them online. Using a loan broker is not a bad …

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What’s a Short Sale

by September 9, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Short Sale, What’s a Short Sale?Our Real Estate market has taken on several faces and trends within the past few years. Good, bad, or indifferent, real estate has always been cyclical. Historically real estate markets are on a 10 to 15 year cycle. During these cycles we will experience a Sellers Market, a Stable Market, …

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Troy Sage Short Sale Blog 7-6-10.m4v

by July 6, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

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