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The Troy Sage Team is dedicated to helping homeowners in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Menifee, Corona, Riverside County, and San Diego County avoid foreclosure and find alternatives to their distressed property situation. Our team has a 97% success rate for helping homeowners avoid foreclosure.

The Troy Sage Team is comprised of CDPE Certified agents.  What does this mean to you?  This means we have been professionally trained and we continue to attend educational classes keeping us on the pulse of Short Sales, Died-In-Lieu, and Foreclosure Alternatives.

As a team, we are also SFR certified by the National Association of Realtors as experts in Short Sales and Foreclosure Alternatives.

If you or anyone you know are upside down, owe more than your property is currently worth, please feel free to contact us for a free No Obligation Consultation.




Zombie Foreclosures

by troysage March 13, 2014 Foreclosure Alternatives

Zombie Foreclosure the new buzz word for 2014
The truth about Zombie Foreclosures and how to avoid this Monster.

The banking industry and press have done it again by placing a great spin on foreclosures across the country by naming vacant foreclosures “Zombie Foreclosures”.  In a report published today by DSNews.com Zombie Foreclosures consist of 21% of …

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HAFA News and Updates for 2013 – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group Temecula area Real Estate

by troysage December 21, 2012 Foreclosure Alternatives

HAFA News and Updates for 2013 – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group Temecula area Real Estate


New guidelines and regulations for the HAFA Program are predicted to help Homeowners achieve Short Sale Approval quicker than ever in 2012.  The new guidelines are also going to help homeowners that are behind on their payments, not behind …

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HARP Homeowner Refinance Program – What homeowners need to know, good and bad.

by troysage October 29, 2011 Foreclosure Alternatives

HARP Homeowner Refinance Program – What homeowners need to know, good and bad.

With the current buzz in real estate being the revised HARP plan we are getting tons of questions about how this program will work. Thought I believe Obama has good intentions, the program is not a fix all for homeowner refinance or the …

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CDPE Momentum update from Troy Sage

by troysage June 9, 2011 Foreclosure Alternatives

I attended the 2011 CDPE Momentum Seminar in Orlando Fla last week and thought it important to spread the word to Realtors and Homeowners. I had the honor of meeting executives at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and HAFA. All three spoke of improvements in the Short Sale process, and relief for homeowners in distress.

Wells …

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Temecula Area Real Estate – HAFA Short Sales Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

by troysage May 25, 2011 Foreclosure Alternatives

Are you a homeowner in distress? Are you upside down on your mortgage and having a hard time making your mortgage payment? Are you in fear of loosing your home to foreclosure? We may have the answer for you.

The HAFA Program is designed to help homeowners in distress get out of their mortgage and sell …

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Temecula Area Real Estate – Late Payments on Mortgages and Avoiding Foreclosure

by troysage May 23, 2011 Foreclosure Alternatives

Watch the video below for more information on when a homeowner has a late payment to their mortgage company and when the Foreclosure process begins. Avoid foreclosure by acting quickly, keeping a conversation log, possible Loan Modification or Short Sale alternatives.

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Troy Sage – Temecula Up Front Cost to Homeowners for Short Sale Help

by September 24, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Up Front Cost to Homeowners for Short Sale Help

One of the most common questions from homeowners in in the Temecula area that are in distress is “What will it cost me to have a realtor negotiate my Short Sale?”. The answer should be nothing! I know I’m going to get hate mail for this from …

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Troy Sage – Buyers using Loan Brokers to Purchase Short Sales. What a mess.

by September 10, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Ok my friends, there is yet another trend in purchasing Short Sale and it’s not a good trend.

I have had several buyers in the past 30 days purchase Short Sales and use a loan broker referred to them by a friend or they simply found them online. Using a loan broker is not a bad …

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What’s a Short Sale

by September 9, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Short Sale, What’s a Short Sale?Our Real Estate market has taken on several faces and trends within the past few years. Good, bad, or indifferent, real estate has always been cyclical. Historically real estate markets are on a 10 to 15 year cycle. During these cycles we will experience a Sellers Market, a Stable Market, …

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Short Sale, Are the banks paying off Jr. Liens

by July 27, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

OK, there are a list of questions regarding Short Sale payoff of Jr. Lien holders including HOA assessments, that have hit my email lately and thought I would do my best to give you some answers.

Mose homeowners applying for a Short Sale are in a tough financial situation. Those that are not, are honestly not …

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