Can a Seller buy their home back as a Short Sale?

by troysage September 12, 2011 Sellers

In the ever changing world of Real Estate short sales, foreclosures, and died in lieu of foreclosure being the three predominate factors of selling a home.  Can a homeowner purchase their home back at the current market value, if the home is approved as a Short Sale?  It would seem logical to have the option …

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Treasury Department issues New HAFA guidelines to help homeowners!

by troysage September 9, 2011 Sellers

The Treasury Department has issued new HAFA guidelines to help homeowners qualify for a Short Sale. These new guidelines remove the 31% mortgage to income ratio, they also change the Owner Occupied status, and more. This is great news for homeowners in distress needing to sell their home.

There are so many homeowners throughout the country …

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Temecula Real Estate News – Mortgage Delinquency Rates and What’s happening in our Market

by troysage September 9, 2011 Sellers

Mortgage Delinquency Rates seem to be a hot button with regards to what’s happening in our real estate Market. Meaning, delinquency rates have increased and so have the number of days homeowners are delinquent. Why is this happening? Well, it’s my humble opinion, the increase in delinquency has to do with unemployment or under-employment, plus …

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HAFA Short Sale guidelines helping homeowners in Distress – Temecula Real Estate News

by troysage September 7, 2011 Sellers

As of Sept 1, 2011 the HAFA short sale guidelines have changed for the better. That’s right, homeowners in distress have a much better opportunity to qualify for a HAFA short sale. What does this mean? Well it means that anyone that is in distress and have a need to sell their property, but the …

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Short Sale Hardships the bank will accept.

by troysage September 6, 2011 Sellers

There are only 16 defined hardships a lender will look at in order to consider debt forgiveness, or a short sale. If a seller does not have one of these hardships, the banks will most likely not approve a short sale. To learn more watch the video below.

Temecula Real Estate Video is hosted by Troy …

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Buyers Earnest Money Deposit and Short Sales

by troysage September 2, 2011 Buyers

So you’re a buyer and you want to place an offer on a Short Sale. Ever wonder if you should place your earnest money deposit into escrow while the short sale is being negotiated with the sellers bank?

There are a couple different opinions on this subject. To learn more watch the video below.

As always, feel …

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Strategic Short Sales in Southern California

by troysage September 2, 2011 Sellers

So you’re upside down on your home, making your monthly mortgage payments, upset that your neighbor sold their home as a Short Sale, you have no hardship or need to sell. So you think to yourself, lets simply do a Strategic Short Sale. All sounds good right? I mean honestly, if my neighbor can sell …

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Should Buyers put their deposit into Escrow when placing an offer on a Short Sale?

by troysage August 31, 2011 Buyers

Great question that came to me from a buyer I’m working with.  Should a buyer place money in escrow when placing an offer on a short sale.  Well in the Temecula California area the answer in my opinion is yes.  This way the buyer has more in the game and is showing the seller that …

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Buyers Beware of greedy Real Estate Agents

by troysage August 26, 2011 Buyers

Yet another scam to report to my fellow readers. Buyers beware of real estate agents charging short sale negotiations fees to the buyer. Are you kidding me? Boy this gets my blood boiling. Let me explain.

When a seller lists their home with a real estate agent, and the homeowner is in a distress situation needing …

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What are the fees to a homeowner when in a Short Sale situation? Important news for homeowners in Temecula CA

by troysage August 25, 2011 real estate

So lets talk about homeowners in distress and if they choose to sell their home as a short sale. The number one question we get asked is; “What is the fee to the homeowner to sell their home as a Short Sale?” Well the answer is nothing. If anyone is requiring the homeowner to pay …

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