National Foreclosures

Lies in Foreclosure and Current Market Analysis

by troysage May 22, 2014 National Foreclosures

Foreclosure Lies

Foreclosure Lies and information about what the Banks are doing to help homeowners, and increase foreclosures. Current news regarding the Real Estate Market, and how to avoid Foreclosure.

Mortgage Settlement of 25 Billion Dollars is completed, and banks are now back on track to foreclose upon homeowners that are not making their mortgage payments. With …

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Zombie Foreclosures

by troysage March 13, 2014 Foreclosure Alternatives

Zombie Foreclosure the new buzz word for 2014
The truth about Zombie Foreclosures and how to avoid this Monster.

The banking industry and press have done it again by placing a great spin on foreclosures across the country by naming vacant foreclosures “Zombie Foreclosures”.  In a report published today by Zombie Foreclosures consist of 21% of …

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Decline in Foreclosures Outpaces Decline in Loan Modifications

by troysage January 27, 2014 HAMP

Decline in Foreclosures Outpaces
Decline in Loan Modifications

Is the Decline in Foreclosures that now outpace the decline in Loan Modifications a sign that the housing market is on the rebound?  Are homeowners in a better position to negotiate with lenders and keep their home?  Well, the data below provided by gives us the numbers, …

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Foreclosure Checks for Homeowners – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

by troysage April 22, 2013 National Foreclosures

Foreclosure Checks for Homeowners – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

In an effort to help homeowners and as part of the Bank Settlement, another batch of checks are being prepared to be sent to homeowners.  This is great news for homeowners and borrowers that were foreclosed upon.  Meaning, you may have the opportunity to cash …

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$25 Billion Dollar Bank Mortgage Settlement – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

by troysage March 21, 2013 National Foreclosures

$25 Billion Dollar Bank Mortgage Settlement – Troy Sage of TSS Realty Group

$25 Billion Dollar Bank Mortgage Settlement is allowing homeowners to receive money, reduce principal, loan modifications, and Short Sale cash at close of escrow. Chase, Bank of America, GMAC, Wells Fargo, CITI Bank are par of this program.

Approximately $1.5 billion of the funds …

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Troy Sage Temecula Real Estate – Foreclosure Freeze and Short Sales

by October 11, 2010 Foreclosures

Hot off the presses, major banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and GMAC have Halted foreclosures.  This announcement came last week as an attempt for banks to revisit their foreclosure process, and allow the banks time to make sure they are evaluating delinquent loans properly.  So, what does that mean for homeowners?

This is …

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Troy Sage – Buyers using Loan Brokers to Purchase Short Sales. What a mess.

by September 10, 2010 Foreclosure Alternatives

Ok my friends, there is yet another trend in purchasing Short Sale and it’s not a good trend.

I have had several buyers in the past 30 days purchase Short Sales and use a loan broker referred to them by a friend or they simply found them online. Using a loan broker is not a bad …

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Temecula Foreclosures Who’s To Blame?

by December 14, 2007 Foreclosures

Foreclosures, foreclosures, and more foreclosures what’s going on? This is the question that a client of mine asked while showing homes yesterday. My client, who by the way is moving to Temecula from the East Coast, mentioned that he saw a video on that showed “A devastated market filled with foreclosures and dilapidated homes”. …

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