Investor Flips and A to B to C Transactions

by October 25, 2010 Investors

As our local Real Estate Market changes, so does the Banks outlook and regulations regarding Investors flipping properties. What we are talking about specifically is is the quick flip property, usually the kind of investor flip we see on late night television or commercials. This is also called A to B to C purchases. For …

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Troy Sage Temecula Real Estate – Foreclosure Freeze and Short Sales

by October 11, 2010 Foreclosures

Hot off the presses, major banks including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and GMAC have Halted foreclosures.  This announcement came last week as an attempt for banks to revisit their foreclosure process, and allow the banks time to make sure they are evaluating delinquent loans properly.  So, what does that mean for homeowners?

This is …

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Question for Investors and Agents working with Investors

by February 6, 2010 Investors

Let me start by saying I’m totally expecting to get hate mail for this, or to at least start a good chain of posts. I would also like to say that I’m not against investors purchasing Short Sale properties, but I am for Total Disclosure. Ok so here we go.

1. When an investor purchases a …

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